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Looking to work from home? - This post is for you!

Are you looking to work from home but don't have the ideal working area?

No space is too big or too small to make it into one. Whether it's in your hallway, under the stairs or even in the corner of an existing room, there is ways around it.


Check out some of these 'office spaces'...



Anyone would think this space was made specifically to put a desk there. Perfect! 






With less noise than in other parts of the house and plenty of empty walls, a landing is the ideal space for an open-plan home office. Even if your landing affords only enough space for a small desk and some slim shelves, it can serve as a retreat where you can get your work done in peace.


Maximise on storage - fill the empty walls with shelves!






Or even hide it behind closed doors when it's not in use.



Thanks for reading 



Hannah @ Red x


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